Be Well Newsletter

Please check out the Be Well a newsletter created by the staff at the NSTU’s Early Intervention Program for Teachers. This newsletter was issued 5 times per year and focused on wellness related topics relevant to NSTU members. It was jam packed with information, tips and tools to make life, work and play easier and more balanced.

Enjoy and Be Well!

2013-2014 2012-2013
October - Body Mechanics October - Getting Your Space Organized
December - Ergonomics in the Home December - Getting Your Time Organized
February - Ergonomics at Work February - Electronic/Digital Organization
April - Ergonomics in your Car April - "Delegate It"
June - Get Stretching! June - Ditch It!
October - Keep Your Brain in Shape!  
December - Keeping Your Environment Safe & Accessible  
February - Bone Health:  Sticks and Stones Won't Break These Bones  
April - Heart Health - Don't miss a beat!  
June - Looking Good! Your Way to Healthy Vision!